Saturday, August 20, 2016


With the buildup of the forces, under U.S. leadership, for the assault on Mosul, the first Iraqi city to fall to ISIS, most of their forces outside of Mosul, in Iraq, have gone back to being guerrilla units as they were in the days of George W. Bush.

If Republicans win the coming Presidential election, they promise they will provide the strong leadership to rid us of the threat once and for all.  They claim that the ISIS only exists because of the weak leadership of Obama.  Yet, Bush had 160,000 U.S. boots, on the ground, in Iraq, and could not defeat the guerrilla insurgency that raged there.  Inherited by Obama, from his first day in office, was an ongoing guerrilla war, with a date certain for U.S.troop withdrawal, negotiated by his predecessor.  

In many ways, the position of the U.S. is much stronger now, with few boots on the ground, than it ever was under Bush.  Bush's man Maliki has been replaced by a Government of inclusion and Iraqi forces, including the Kurds, assisted by U.S. Special Forces,  are actually doing the fighting, and winning.

Republicans, always better at criticizing than doing, promise to change all that.  

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  1. Trump has publicly stated his disappointment that we haven't used our nuclear weapons in the Middle East. How, exactly, do you eliminate a small band of terrorist insurgents imbedded in a large city of innocents by using a nuclear weapon? Trump says we shouldn't concern ourselves with collateral damage when it comes to killing terrorists. At what point do we then become the actual terrorists?