Sunday, August 28, 2016


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The Run-up to the Presidential Debates

by daedal2207
The Donald purports to be reaching for black voters saying that he will ensure their not getting shot down in their own streets."What do you have to lose" he bawls.To Hispanics he promises to reconsider his deportation position.His official platform has not shifted but the shape shifters are at work selling a more palatable image(Connoly,Ailles,Archer,Bannon)The media are consumed by presenting contrasting images of Clinton vs Trump,helping us to be myopic about the crippling issue of increasing inequity in the face of national refusal to act on tax and immigration reform, drug cost abuse,undermining of "affordable care"through the issuance of relatively inexpensive catastrophic policies depleting the eligible pool of payers,corporation inversion etc.Free enterprise cannot be unrestricted because greed cannot be limited.Hillary's tight and unappealing legalisms attract media attention but her program plans on view at her website do not.
When will the serious conversation begin?


  1. There is a correction on the original blog from Connolly to Conway. I Guess the Kelly made an impression as telling as the discrepancy in her eye sizes.

  2. We have the best media coverage that money can buy ... and has.