Saturday, August 20, 2016


If Donald Trump is so concerned with the well-being of the African-American community, wouldn't it be a nice gesture, of his sincerity, if he would come out, forcefully, against his own party's admitted attempts to suppress the black vote?  


  1. That would require American altruism/equity/civic constitutionality above and beyond the call for his followers ... white supremacists ... unless he followed it with wink-winks as he did in his West Bend, Wisconsin speech. An approved publicity stunt by the magnanimous is distributing Play Dough for a 47-second photo op. Now, that's proof of concern!

  2. BTW ... in case y'all missed it ... Scary! Was Phillip Roth thinking of Il Duce when writing "The Plot Against America?" The exposed racist (promoter if the "superior" race) was none other than our hero, Charles Lindbergh! (fear!)

  3. Proving yet again that political rhetoric bears no resemblance to reality. Let me give you a current example:

    Many people in America are incensed by Colin Kaepernick's refusing to stand for the national anthem as a way of bringing attention to the inequalities in our legal and justice systems in America. They feel that he is being disrespectful. None of those same people seem to share Colin's sentiment that minorities in America are being, not only disrespected, but even killed in an inequitable manner by our policing forces and unequal treatment by our courts and legal systems. Their rhetoric claims that we are the land of the free, home of the brave, and that all of our citizens share in both the burdens and privileges equally ... that is clearly not the case. While they condemn Colin for trying to peacefully bring attention to the problems inherent in our country, they do nothing to correct those problems. Rhetoric doesn't match reality.

    Donald Trump wants to be commander in chief, yet he sought medical deferments to avoid military service. The same man who claimed to be unfit to serve as a soldier feels qualified to serve as commander in chief of all of our armed forces. His "doctor" now claims (according to Trump's paperwork) that Trump is the healthiest man to ever seek the presidency ... yet he is too disabled to serve in our country's military. How's that for a comparison of rhetoric to reality.