Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Within days of release, by the State Department, of one of the unclassified emails that were on Clinton's server, dealing with an Iranian defector who returned to Iran, that defector was executed by the Iranian government.

On learning of the fact, that the defector was executed, the Republican smear machine, immediately, went into action to blame the hacked Clinton emails, for the defector's death, even though there has never been any evidence that Clinton's server was hacked, the defection occurred 7 years ago and Ameri, the scientist returned to Iran 6 years ago, in 2010, and Clinton's last year, in office as Secretary of State, was 2013.  Her emails were released by the State Department, to the public, in 2016.  An  unclassified email dealing with Amiri, sent by another State Department employee to Clinton, not reclassified, among the batch. was the only one that could have borne on the matter was made public, but not by Clinton, and years after she had left office.

All of the foregoing notwithstanding, and the absurdity of  alleging that her emails were hacked and this led to a defector's death years after she had left office, once the Republican smear machine gets to endlessly repeat the lie, it will be come a fact for the  dittoheads and nothing will dislodge it.  The fact finders will tire of debunking the claim and the Republican rank and file will accept what their smear machine tells them.

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