Friday, August 19, 2016


With the Feds closing in on Paul Manafort, for possible violations of the law requiring agents of foreign governments  to register, it became necessary, for the Trump family, to establish alternate ties to a rich source of funding that the former Soviet Union represents.

There may be no coincidence that Ivanka Trump chose this time to vacation with an old friend, the girl friend of Vladimir Putin.  There may also be no coincidence in the timing of Manafort's resignation, and rumors of the formation of another news agency by the Trump family, which will include Roger Ailes and Stephen Bannon.  It may be that Putin has given his financial blessings to such a venture. 


  1. Pogo: "We have met the enemy and he is us." Do we doubt at all that the "shock and awe" that we're being subjected to will be creating PTSD to our country? We are being warned on a daily basis that worse is coming. What's next? Is the intention of all this raw sewage that we're being forced to swim in to simply get us out of the water? The diversionary subjects are numbing our senses. The issues that have traumatized the disenfranchised are loudly promoted by reenforced ignorance ... with hatred as their solution. CST's "Special People" post highlights this issue with the mention of J. D. Vance's "Hillbilly Elegy." The author as interviewed by Fareed Zakaria last Sunday and his gentle invocation of his roots are worth listening ( And, The NYTimes: Humpty Dumpty ... how do we put him back together again? Is Pandora's Box empty now? Did I stray from Manafort/Bannon/Ailes and their allegiance to their mouthpiece? Any honor between thieves? They'll turn on each other at the drop of ... a dollar. And be in court for revealing! Watch your backs Ryan and O'Connell!! Some exceptionalism we're displaying to the world!

    May I preempt the next complaint? Louisiana. Gov. Edwards summarized it very well:

    Open forums are unpredictable, ain't they?

  2. And yet, the news media continues its non-insistence that Trump reveal his tax returns. A great deal of damning information is contained in them, I'm sure.

  3. Trump has outsourced all of his manufacturing jobs to countries with the most ill-paid and mistreated workers. He continues to import foreign workers on temporary visas to work in his domestic resorts, rather than hiring Americans. He refuses to pay American workers and companies monies agreed upon in contracts, instead filing for bankruptcy protections for personal profit. So, Republicans, tell me again how Trump is making America great.