Wednesday, August 24, 2016


During the Primaries, the Press began to clamor, almost incessantly for Hillary to release transcripts of her speeches to business groups, saying, "why not just release the transcripts if you don't have anything to hide".  Their requests for the transcripts came to an almost immediate halt when Hillary agreed to release the transcripts if Trump released his speeches before the same type of audiences.  There seemed to be no interest, on the part of the media, for Trump's transcripts, but only Hillary's.

The same media seems to have tired, quickly, in requesting Trump's tax returns, after he claimed that they were under audit and he could not release them, nor have they shown the same enthusiasm and intensity, to obtain them, now that we have learned that Trump will not release any of his tax returns, even those that have been audited.  I have yet to hear a single media organization ask Trump why he felt the need to lie about the reason for not releasing his tax returns.  I have yet to hear a single question asked of Trump, or his organization, as to the report of his son claiming that Trump would be foolish, to release his tax returns.

Wouldn't it be foolish for anyone not to take his campaign's words and actions as prima facie evidence that he certainly does have something to hide?  Why isn't the same question, "if you don't have anything to hide, why don't you release your tax returns?", with the same frequency and intensity as was asked of Hillary about her speech transcripts?

The answer, seems to be, that they have Hillary's tax returns and there's nothing there to use to attack her, and they really have no interest in any other type of information.

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