Sunday, August 7, 2016


I often speculate how much better the world would be if Gorbachev would have been Premier of the Soviet Union, during the Carter Presidency instead of Reagan.  Reagan, who considered, perhaps correctly, that it was actually the old, evil Russian Empire that needed dismembering,  wanted to preside over its dissolution, and succeeded in doing so.  Gorbachev wanted to reform the Union over which he presided, not dissolve it.

Putin who swore his allegiance, as a KGB officer, to that Union, and who has as long a memory, for perceived wrongs, as his compadre Trump, would like nothing better than to return the favor and witness the dissolution of our own Union. 

Trump, who is, possibly, the neediest of any candidate for the U.S. Presidency, and who may already be kept afloat by Russian Federation interests, has already begun laying the groundwork by claiming a rigged system months before the General Election, and like Trump's "Birther Conspiracy", to become an everlasting issue to sow discord in the electorate, 

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  1. Though we can't change the past, we can learn from it. All of Trump's accusations against others are meant to draw attention away from his own flaws and failings ... the mainstream media is complicit in that effort because they know Trump's created controversies sell. Rather than concerning themselves with harm inflicted, their concerns are centered around profit.