Monday, August 22, 2016


Now that Donald Trump has confirmed that even though some of his tax returns have completed their audits, he still will not make them public, it is, in my opinion, unconscionable, for the Press to give any credence to his allegations of criminal activity by a person who has released 33 years worth of returns. 

The media should preface any reporting of Trump's allegations, by a statement that Mr. Trump, by refusing to release his returns, may not have clean hands, in any matter in which he is accusing Hillary Clinton.

The Supreme Court has already ruled that arranging a meeting with a Government official is  unacceptable evidence of there being a quid pro quo, since it is a public duty of officials to meet with citizens, yet Trump is calling for a special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton having, for donors to the Clinton Foundation, a bona fide charitable organization, noted for its good works, facilitated meetings with officials, which is a licit activity.   Better, Mr. Trump be pressed to tell the American public what he is hiding.

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  1. I know of no criminal who has improved society through the commission of his own criminal acts (Make America Great Again).

    Trump's main modus operandi is to inculcate a sense of acceptance of his own failures and faults by blaming others for faults where none exist.