Friday, January 15, 2016


At least 25% of Donald Trump's stump speeches have to do with his latest poll numbers, certainly not substantive matters.  As ratings were for his TV shows, poll numbers are Trump's index for success or failure.  In this respect, he is the most poll driven politician to ever appear on the political scene

This could turn out to be bad news for those Republicans who don't want another  RINO as a candidate.  If polls indicate that the public is leaning towards a more moderate candidate, a more moderate candidate, i.e. a RINO, is what they'll get.  If he becomes President, he will check the ratings to see how popular he is and adjust his sails accordingly.

We may yet get to see Nielsen replace Gallup as the most influential political polling company in the U.S. 


  1. I am now beginning to question the wisdom of receiving both my TV and Internet connections over the same cable. *looking for wire cutters*