Saturday, January 9, 2016


Republicans, as a rule, show more deference to the fetus than they do to the child.  When brought to their attention, in private conversations, they explain that the fetus costs much less than the child.  since the mother provides free rent and board to the former, and is less of a drain on Government funds.  The difference in their concern stems from not wishing put the job creators  into a position where they might be asked to pay more taxes.  When brought to their attention that there is no relationship between job creation and higher taxes, they respond: "When we say 'job creation' we are talking about our own jobs, which depend on funds they give us for re-election campaigns." 

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  1. Nice bit of satire, in my opinion. Although your points are satirical, they are based on a lot of actual truth, whereas Republican rhetoric of late is based more on "truthiness" as it's known by FOX News CEO, Roger Ailes.

    I should also mention that FOX News is a giant contradiction of itself, since they rant about Middle East terrorists, and Sharia Law almost incessantly. Yes, that same FOX News where Sean Hannity has been howling about Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf wanting “Sharia law” to replace our existing laws. I wonder how many of the loyal FOX viewership are aware that FOX's second largest shareholder (Rupert Murdock is top) is Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal? Yeah, that same prince who governs by Sharia Law in his country of Saudi Arabia, which not by happenchance is one of the largest purveyors of Sunni terrorists. The prince and Rupert Murdock are close friends and associates. The real purpose of FOX News is to advance its own ideologies through a system of fear, anger, and hatred, thereby dividing Americans into groups in opposition. This makes them easier to control than a unified front. Abortion rights of women is just one piece of their puzzle to control.