Wednesday, January 13, 2016


On the eve of the 2016 State of the Union address there came an announcement of the "arrest" of 10 sailors by the Iranian Government.  On one of the cable networks, a Republican consultant became almost apoplectic saying that he expected the President to address the problem by issuing a strong statement  to the Iranians to force the release of the sailors.  President Obama said not a single word on the subject.  Instead Secretary Kerry called his Iranian counterpart and, diplomatically, asked that they be released.  By morning, the sailors were released.  Most Republicans forget that a great Republican President said, of foreign policy, "Speak softly; carry a big stick"  Modern day Republicans only seem to know the :Big Stick" part of  TR's advice, just as they seem to forget  the "Well regulated" part of the Second Amendment.    


  1. I'd also like to mention that other prisoners have been released since the release of the sailors. Republicans are only good at rhetoric; Obama is good at diplomacy. For all of their rhetoric about what a good president Reagan was, and their half-hearted attempts to emulate him, I seem to remember him saying "Tear down this wall!", whereas all of the GOP presidential candidates are proffering "Build a wall!"

  2. Republicans have created a mythology, about Reagan, and they are impervious to any fact that runs contrary to the myth.