Sunday, January 17, 2016


At the risk of appearing mean spirited, Republicans are desperately trying to warn the American people of another thing to be afraid of, as they have with Al Qaeda, Ebola, ISIL and gun confiscation, in that there is an insidious plot brewing because of the Iran treaty. With improving relations,  the U.S. could renew diplomatic relations and might even lead to commercial relations which could, in turn, to benefit China at our expense.  Since there is a pent up demand for American goods, in Iran, the U.S. might earn more money, from exports, which could lead to our purchasing more from China which would aid that Communist country. 

Republicans intend to, diligently, call attention to all those existential threats out there, all to the discredit of the Obama Administration  


  1. I wish all Republicans read your blog, but from experience, although the top 2% would understand it and condemn you for it, they would have nothing to fear, knowing the other 98% of their "flock" lack the where-with-all to understand.

  2. Although I often hear much discussion about how stupid Republican voters are for voting against their own interests, or at the least, the ignorance of the Republican electorate. I honestly don't see it quite that way.

    Rather than saying that Republican voters are even uninformed, I realize that it's more a case of the information they receive as being selectively edited for disinformation purposes, and to a far greater extent, misinformation, "truthiness" as Roger Ailes, FOX CEO, puts it. He has publicly stated the "The Truth" is whatever people will believe.

    Therefore, Republican voters are actually well-informed ... just with misinformation.