Saturday, January 16, 2016


I hope that American people realize that the freeing of four (4) American prisoners, by Iran, does not, in any way, let the Obama Administration off the hook for the Iran nuclear deal.

Obama has not been able to return our position, vis-a-vis Iran, to the same position it was before the Bush invasion of Iraq, and, indeed, by having to swap prisoners, our exceptional pre-eminence, in the world, has not been recognized, sufficiently.

This is not the way John Wayne, a true American hero, would have done it, therefore it is not the American Way!   


  1. Just a side note, but it's important to point out that a lot of "good-guy Americans" died in all of the John Wayne movies. It's also important to note that while "patriots" talk of all of the men who died for our country, little is mentioned of all of the men who were killed by our countrymen.

    I much prefer Obama's diplomacy to the killing by/dying of our "patriots".

  2. All that means is that Wayne had better script writers than there.