Sunday, January 31, 2016


When one considers all the things, that are forgiven Republican candidates, because they claimed "lack of knowledge", such as bridge closings, illegal use of government buildings for electoral campaigning,  good water for government employees but poisoned water for citizens, that aircraft could be flown into buildings, that cities could suffer damage even if they weren't hit by the eye of  a hurricane, it does seem odd that a Democrat is expected to not only know the past and the present, but the future as well.  None of the information that was on the emails that Secretary Clinton sent out on her server, was marked classified  Three years after she left office, the information, on 22 of them, was reclassified,  The Republicans, so forgiving of one of their own, want her immediately sent to the penitentiary to await a firing squad.

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  1. That would explain the number of Republican congress members becoming lobbyists for palm and tarot card readers, fortune tellers, psychics, and others of a clairvoyant nature.