Friday, January 15, 2016


In order to prove that Obama was not legally entitled to be President, many Republicans alleged that his Birth Certificate was false and that, even though his mother was an American citizen, he actually was born in another country, and therefore not a natural born citizen.  They were unable to prove that the Birth Certificate was false, in a court of law, and their lawsuits did not prosper. Nevertheless,  to this day, a plurality of Republicans profess the illegitimacy of the Obama presidency.

When faced, however, with the case of Ted Cruz, who actually was born in a foreign country, as proven by his Canadian birth certificate, most of these same "birthers" claim that he is quite eligible, to be President, because his mother was an American citizen, even though he was born abroad.

Of course, any question as to why the double standard would, in their judgement, be playing the race card.



  1. Whether one chooses to believe that Cruz's father fought alongside Castro in his attempts to overthrow the Batista government, it is well-documented that he took part in a campaign of urban terrorism against the Batista government on behalf of Castro's uprising. Therefore, shouldn't Cruz be denied citizenship under the often-used "guilt by association" protocol that Republican's use in reference to Obama's connection to Rev. Wright, even though Obama has publicly denounced Wright's rhetoric. Shouldn't Cruz therefore be considered a communist sympathizer and denied citizenship because of his familial connection with a known terrorist, if we are using Republican protocol? That would indicate that Cruz should be on the south side of Trump's wall.

  2. Is there any question that even your asking about a possible double standard is playing the race card?