Monday, July 20, 2015


While some Republicans have deplored the "swiftboating" of John McCain, by Donald Trump, it must be remembered how effective Swiftboating was against Kerry.  Trump has devasted any chance that McCain had in the 2016 elections, so there!


  1. I've never really understood the whole "war hero" worship to begin with. McCain is a hero for surviving crashing his plane and then surviving after getting his ass captured by the enemy. Is that the model I'm to emulate? Or maybe it's the one where a soldier loses limbs and abilities in conflict. Maybe that's the one we should strive for. Or does it really come down to killing for my country rather than dying for it. Which is more heroic? Are killers heroes? In modern wars more innocent civilians are dying than soldiers. Maybe wars wouldn't exist at all if we ever got to that point where we honored morally conscientious objectors with the same honors and prestige as we do warriors. Now that's a hero to celebrate!

  2. And what are we to think of someone who avoided going making a gratutious comment about the war record of those who were unfortunate enough to be captured. To me it's like, accusing Gen. Wainwright of stupidiy for having been captured at Corregidor by the Japanese, by somebody who was 4F and sat out the war.

  3. I believe that the best possible excuse that I could offer for their behavior is that they are Republican ... they'll eat their own if the profit margin is right.