Wednesday, July 29, 2015


There are ads on TV, from right wing organizations, proclaiming that Iran is the No. 1 sponsor of  terrorism, in the world.  They forget that there has been no case of a single Irani being involved in an attack on U.S soil, as is the case with Saudis.  Iran is an arch enemy of ISIL and every effort on our part to weaken Iran aids the the rise of Wahhabism, the Saudi sect that spawned ISIL.  The Iranis have not decapitated Christians and Jews, but ISIL has.  If any one group will march anyone to the oven door, it will be the latter, who are aided and abetted by opposition to detente with Iran. 


  1. If our Republican leadership hadn't destabilized the Middle East, ISIS (ISIL) would never have existed. Now ISIS is planning to attack India to start a war with the United States. Republican eyes remain on Iran. Talk about turning a blind eye! ISIS knows where the Hawks live and has called out the USA specifically; none of the other 27 NATO countries is even mentioned by ISIS. They want martyrdom to advance the cause of Islam. The Hawks see the bottom line, while ignoring the bodies covering it.

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  3. The Repugs take pride in not doing nuance.