Monday, July 27, 2015


The famous (some would call it "infamous") Downing Street memo from the British Foreign Minister to Tony Blair, wherein he described the Bush Administration's campaign to start a war with Iraq, as "fixing the facts around the policy", can be used to describe the mind set of the, so-called, Conservatives by altering the word "policy" to "ideology".

The last 3 Republican Administrations exploded the deficit?  The last one allowed the greatest loss of life owing to a terrorist attack on U.S. soil, the greatest recession in the history of the U.S., a socislistic indemification of the gambling debts of a private business, and what are the reacions?  Certainly not any look into modifying the ideology, but altering the facts so that:

1. The last Administration was RINO. It was Liberal.  Under St. Ronald Reagan there was no deficit, no increase in taxation and   241 marines were not killed in Beirut, and certainly something like Benghazi would never have happened on his watch.

2. If real Conservatives were elected these things would never have happened.

3."I'm not really a Republican, anyway. I'm a Libertarian, Tea Party Independent, all at the same time."

4. "Since I can't answer your question, can't you realize that I am just joking and trying to get a reaction from you?"


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  1. And the privatization of our education system under Republicans is "dumbing down" our students. Yet, Republicans are complaining that our high schools and especially our colleges are too Liberal. That follows perfectly with the logic you listed above; screw it up and blame Democrats for your faults.