Tuesday, July 21, 2015


No greater esteem, respect and downright awe can be demonstrated, as that of Miami Cuban-American Republicans, for Barack Obama.  For more than 50 years, under 10 other Prrsidents, Democrat and Republican alike. the U.S. has held to a policy of not talking to the Cuban Government until they acceded to our demands, to no avail.  Miami Cuban-American Republicans, looking at what Obama has accomplished, despite obstruction, are sure that Obama is capable of getting what has eluded 10 of his predecessors, if only he wanted to.  Accordingly they have promised to block any nomination for an Ambassador to Cuba, which, of course, will also block any discussion, with the Cuban Government, of the very items that  they want resolved as a prior requirement for any discussion, even if it means another 50 years of estrangement.

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  1. *operator on Fidel's end of a call to Washington* "Por favor depositar otro 25 dólares en moneda de los próximos 3 minutos". English translation: "Please deposit another 25 dollars in coin for the next 3 minutes." *clicking sound followed by dial tone* (Raul to Fidel) - "Hermano, creo que hemos sido cortado! ". English translation: "Brother, I believe that we've been cut off!" (Fidel to Raul) - "Idiota! Le dije a utilizar pesos convertibles! Usted nunca escuche! " English translation: "Idiot! I told you to use convertible pesos! You never listen!"