Monday, July 27, 2015


It is ironic that people, like Grover Norquist, who openly say they want to "shrink the size of the (Federal) Government so that it can fit in a bath tub so it can be drowned", cite the financial problems of Greece as a cautionary tale, when the very fact that the crises with the Euro actually stems from the fact that the E.E.C. lacks a Federal system. Before the European countries accepted a single currency, their individual currencies could fluctuate against one another and allow for poorer countries to sell goods at a lower price to enable them to compete with their more efficient neighbors.  In the U.S. the mechanism used was the taxing power of the Federal Government which could shift revenue to the poorer states to enable the stability of a single currency throughout the country. Absent a Federal Government, we would undoubtedely find ourselves with the same problem as Greece.  with States like Mississippi and Alabama needing bailouts, just like Greece.  It is more than passsing strange that our poorest states are more prone to accepting the thesis of reducing the size of the Federal Government even though they are the greatest beneficiaries of the Federal System.  Perhaps there is a direct connection between their condition and their philosophy.

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  1. I believe that your last line tells the story in the clearest terms possible. And they continue to vote Republican.