Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Republicans are dizzy from Obama achievements coming at a rate faster than they can demonize them.  Just as they were able to pass an amendment, to the Constitution, limiting the term of the Presidency to a maximum of 2, after a Democrat achieved an unheard of 4 consecutive terms, they will look to see how Presidential accomplishments can, in a like manner, be limited through the amendment process.  In the meantime, they hope that there is a nostalgia for the underachievement of the Bush Presidencies, that will carry Jeb to victory in 2016.

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  1. The plutocracy has been hedging their bets by financially supporting a number of GOP candidates. I thought JEB was a clear leader until he opened his mouth. But, based on the acceptance of Trump's verbal effusion, I'd say that even the most egregious of comments by GOP hopefuls will find followers. And the elephants continue to walk towards the cliff ... they've learned nothing from the lemmings.