Saturday, July 4, 2015


Although the U.S. has fought two (2) World Wars in the name of democracy, only one of its Constitutional institutions, the House of Representatives, was designed to be , and entitles us to call ourselves a democracy.  The President is elected indirectly through an Electoral College and, as sometimes happens, can be elected without receiving a majority of the popular vote.  The Senate allows each State 2 Senators regardless of population.  The Supreme Court allows one undemocratic institution to nominate judges and another undemocratic institution, the Senate, to confirm them.  Now that Republican gerrymandering allows for a majority, in the House, to represent a minority of the voters while the minority party represents a majority of the people, we can no longer call ourselves a democracy.  I wonder if, from now on, we will fight our wars in the name of an oligarchy.  

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