Monday, February 23, 2015


There is something oin the Republican Party platform that seems to bestow mystical powers on Republicans.  George W. Bush had the uncanny ability to be able to look ionto the eyes of people and find clues as to that person's soul.  Bush, Jr. was thus able to clear both Putin and Maliki as trustworthy recipients of American backing, despite the aggresive behavior of the one and ethnic bias of the other.  Another of those gifted Republicans is Rudy Giuliani, able to judge the degree of  love of country, in the heart of a Democrat,  just by looking at him, or possibly by the fact that his programs, for one, brought medical attention to millions of his poor compatriots, a most unpatriotic act. In any event, despite any apparent doubt as to the efficacy of  their mystic powers, Republicans have faith in their faith

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  1. Says something about faith ... or choice of faith. It almost sounds like one is trying to make a rational faith recommendation on something irrational. Mystic faith? Nah! Oh, facts ... another call to rationality which is challenging to grasp.