Saturday, February 7, 2015


President Obama is being roundly criticized for ,bringing up ancient history, by mentioning malevolent behavior of 
Christians, against other religions.  Considering that there was a massacre of 7000 Moslem Bosnians, by Christian Serbs, as late as 1995 AD, ancient history may just be in the belief system of the observer.  


  1. They also ignore the fact that Christians are slaughtering Muslims in central Africa at present, and tomorrow will bring more of the same. And it's not just Christians murdering Muslims. Buddhist monks are terrorizing and murdering Muslims in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Tibet, Thailand and even in Japan. Yet, people talk only about the Muslim "terrorists" while ignoring their own. I should also mention that the Muslims are killing predominantly other Muslims, though other "infidels" are targeted too.

  2. When Christian kill Muslims it's called a crusade. When Muslims kill Christians, it's called terrorismm.

  3. Deported? What's happening in our dear country? Law professor Jonathan Turley represented Professor Al Arian.