Tuesday, February 3, 2015


If, as Chris Christie believes, parents should have the right to choose whether  their children should be vaccinated or not, it would seem equally fair, if parents were able to choose whether their children could attend school with those who were not vaccinated.  To accomodate both camps, it seeems the only sensible course of action would be to have separate schools for those whose parents disagree on wheher to vaccinate or not.  Teachers at the non vax schools should be required to have their vaccinations and booster shots up to date, as a precaution.


  1. Of course, at charter schools that would be a service available at an extra charge. They will offer you nothing for something, but never the other way around.

  2. We already have the right to send kids to school or to keep them at home. The only children in real danger from the children not vaccinated are the other children who are not vaccinated. And some of those children who are not vaccinated did not have the vaccinations because they have allergies to the ingredients, mitochondrial issues, or other medical issues which make the vaccinations more dangerous for them.

    Personally, I encourage everyone who can to get flu vaccines because I do not get them (I am allergic to 4 of the items in them). I love the "herd immunity" theory so - hey - the more people around ME vaccinated, the better for ME. Yes - I am that selfish.