Thursday, February 19, 2015


When Republicans took over the House of Representatives, in 2011, one of their first orders of business was to pass a rule which stated that any tax cut would not require a corresponding budget cut.  This rule, which is still in effect, is based on the axiom that tax cuts stimulate revenue increases for the Government.  

It has been pointed out that, if one accepts the premise, reducing the tax rate to zero should yield infinite revenue, so why not also eliminate all taxes and not just cut them for the wealthy?  The Republican reply is that, out of concern for the poor, they are limiting tax cuts to only the wealhy because they can better weather any ill effects should the theory prove to be wrong.

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  1. That's an interesting take on that Republican argument. Just as ridiculous as their tax arguments are, is their position on the deficit. Remember hearing the Republicans complain that we should have spending or revenue offsets to keep the deficit under control ... now that they are in charge, what happened to that idea?