Sunday, February 8, 2015


Buying time has been a major element in many conflicts.  Russia twice defeated the most powerful land armies, in the world, at the time, Napoleon's during the 19th Century and Hitler's in the 20th Century, by trading terrain for time.  Churchlll sacrificed his major cities to buy time, in the West, to eventually defeat the German war machine.  After Saddam Hussein, purported to have the 3d largest army in the world, invaded Kuwait, George H.W. Bush waited, patiently, for months while forces were built up, all the while carrying on a war of attrition, as did the Russians and Churchill, to defeat the aggressor.

The American people have demonstrated, however, impatience with the current President, when it comes to the handling of crisises, even when they are handled, one by one, in a reasonble time frame.  Perhaps, this can be attributed to a hostile press which, for partisan reasons, criticizes the President if they are not resolved within hours.  I cannot help but wonder if the portrayal of fictitious black Presidents, on both TV and the movies, contributes to the problem.  After all, black Presidents, as depicted, take less than two hours to resolves their problems, why not Obama?


  1. And the latest example of a black president on TV is a black female president, no less: (Alfre Woodard) on State of Affairs.

  2. Even more will be expected of a black female President. After all. haven't black women been cleaning up white folk's messes for centuries now?

    1. *Republican'ts screaming ouch in the background* Excellent response, Herb!

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