Saturday, February 7, 2015


For telling a lie that ,actully hurt no one, but which may end his career, I believe Brian Williams is guilty; guilty , that is, of having picked the wrong profession.  If he had become a politician , it would have been to his credit.  Of course, he would not have prospered in that field, unless he also told more frequent lies, say at least daily, and to become a super star in the field, gotten us into wars; committed adultery; doctored up his war record; tanked the economy, and other similar things. 


  1. His biggest mistake was to not just report the news, but to become the news. He should have taken the examples set by WWII reporters like Ernie Pyle, Martha Gellhorn and Edward R. Murrow. Here's a radio report by Edward R. Murrow from Trafalger Square in London during an air raid:

  2. I actually heard that broadcast when it ws given.

  3. "There’s another figure who merits mention in this discussion, one whose serial blurring of lines between fiction and reality was a mainstay of his public career. That figure, of course, was Ronald Reagan."

    And become ... Saint Ronnie!