Sunday, January 8, 2017


Early in the first term of the Obama Presidency, Republicans began to, derisively, refer to the Affordable Care Act, as "Obamacare".  I stated, at the time, in a letter to the editor of the Miami Herald, that they, the Republicans, would come to rue the day they coined the expression. 

When one thinks about it, the ACA is the only sensible compromise as opposed to a single payer system, and was devised by the Republicans, as such, and to repeal it is opposed by organizations, nominally part of the Republican constituency, such as the AMA and the Health Insurance industry, it may be that the greatest, single problem Republicans have is how to get people to stop calling it "Obamacare".  They may be wanting to repeal it so they can bring it back under a different name, without the Public just keeping the old label.


  1. You've exposed them!!! And, even "without clothes," they have no shame! But, to quote the Sage of Fifth Avenue, these matters are not I,portent to Americans. ;-) Never mind.

  2. Now that they have wasted almost an entire seven years trying to repeal the ACA, and yet have no suitable replacement for it, they are now asking for Democrats' help in fixing it. Surely, that is simply so that they have someone else to blame for their failings. I say, let them make their bed and lie in it alone.