Tuesday, January 17, 2017


It would be ironic, indeed, if Republican rejection of their own idea for a compromise solution to a single, payer system, for health care, would lead to the very system they were trying to avoid.

As an answer to "Hillarycare", a Republican think tank came up with an idea that would modify health insurance coverage but not medical coverage.  The idea was tried in the State of Massachusetts, and called Romneycare.  It worked fairly well and was offered as the ACA by the Obama Administration as a proven Republican idea that, while not perfect, could work and could improve the situation of millions of Americans.  It was the Republicans who met their own idea with derision and started calling it Obamacare.  Faced with mounting protests over the repeal of the ACA, the head of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, almost in desperation, promised, as a substitute for the ACA, Universal Coverage, a Democratic ideal for which  the ACA  was a compromise substitute. 

How much more ironic can one get?

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  1. Republicans tended to oppose many of their own ideas when Obama proposed them, therefore, it suggests that their party's foundation is irony. Trump is simply following suit.