Monday, January 16, 2017


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Punching Down An Aspect Of “The New Abnormal”

by daedal2207
On the weekend of Martin Luther King day,John Lewis expressed openly his disbelief in the validity of the Trump victory.Trump's disbelief in the Russian hacking,Trump's advocacy of Putin and Wikileaks,Trumps condemnation of NATO,Trump's attacks on the intelligence community etc.lend increasing concern and credibility to the possibility that he is blackmailable by Putin and his cyber spies.Much as we would not want to believe in this degree of U.S. vulnerability it all makes a horrid kind of sense.Trumps behavior in trying to encapsulate himself by distancing from the establishment press figuratively and literally ,continuing to use his old twitter account to punch down at the likes of John Lewis and to presage foreign policy decisions rather than to use POTUS accounts is ominous.The use of Trump Towers and Trump International Hotel as well as Florida sites,indicates a serious lack of veneration for the office and it's symbols.Obama may have displayed too much veneration and humility and not taken enough victory laps for considerable accomplishment,but the Trolling Trumpeter takes credit for anticipated victories often unrelated and unrelatable to his efforts.
Americans may have elected Trump anyway,voting on bits and bytes where disinformation ,information,and outright lies were equally used to support a position already taken.Thsi parenthetically is one of the huge disadvantages of social media compared to traditional media.Which,when added to the lack of validation of sources by the bits and bytes folks,adds to the danger in the world of "new abnormals".( A phrase attributable to the editor in chief of The National Review.)

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