Monday, January 9, 2017


New post on The Octogenarians


by daedal2207
On reading a throwaway segment of the LA times I found that many people have been overtaken by a form of psychic paralysis in anticipation of the Trump inauguration.I was not alone.The advice given was to realize the transience of the process and to concentrate on accomplishing things bit by bit, planning ahead for a diffferent day but resuming the necessary functioning 0f a day to day existence.The percussive aspect of the piano was available to me but the fiddle demanded  inner peace.This blog required something to respond to.I found it in my resumption of my retirement review of material from The Great Courses.The technology has altered but my old equipment groans and shudders but works.A review of economics produced the familiar lack of economic motivation beyond survival until the 13th-16th centuries.With this time period and the permissibility of the accumulation of wealth came mercantilism and the importance of gold currency to the nation state.The decline of the importance of a universal church with its stranglehold on wealth and military power was the result of the great trading companies and the production of wealth from trading(mostly export} but necessarily the development of trading blocs backed by military power.A surprising warning from the past came too by courtesy of John Maynard Keynes.To paraphrase' Do not trust the businessman who claims to be a politician.He cannot see beyond the trade and his true concern is for personal or group profit.He may pretend to support the nation state but in reality he does not.'
On to the next economic period in my reading for survival!
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