Monday, January 23, 2017


A recent Trump tweet sounded ominous, to me, even if the words are not.  Referring to the recent, perhaps largest ever in the world, protest march, Trump asked, "Where were all these women on election day?'

The march took place three (3) months after the election, so the question is what period of time between the election and the protest would Trump consider reasonable?  Perhaps, never?  Does Trump consider that the 2016 election ended reasonable protests for the duration of his term in office?


  1. It's worth mentioning that these protesters were probably not among the nearly one hundred million eligible voters who didn't vote. Therefore, the real question should be "Where were the one hundred million eligible voters who didn't bother to exercise their rights on election day?"

  2. We must all suffer the consequences of their inaction ... and suffer we will.

  3. Morning-after Brexit symptoms. Better late than never. Let the lawsuits begin!!!!