Thursday, January 12, 2017


Earlier this week, a low blow, most foul, was landed on Donald Trump. when he was the victim of a salacious report alleging that the Kremlin had compromising material, including photos of perverse sex acts with Russian prostitutes, with which Trump could be blackmailed.  The allegations were in hands of the  F.B.I. being investigated had not been confirmed.  

The moaning and wailing that ensued because the of raw allegations having been leaked, surely the most tragic event to afflict Western Civilization since the sacking of Rome by Attila the Hun.  

Think of the damage to the reputation of a self-confessed pussy grabber that this has caused.  Here is a man whose sterling attributes include calling every single one of his opponents, during the recent campaign, with an insulting and/or defamatory and/or libelous name, who has been the victim of an unconfirmed hatchet job.  Poor baby.


  1. "The gent doth protest too much, methinks." Worse problems to deal with from disarray being created. Very chaotic.

  2. Trump should know that turnabout is fair play ... that is, assuming he has ever played fairly.