Friday, October 14, 2016


At the last debate, under intense questioning of the moderator, Anderson Cooper,  Donald Trump admitted that whereas he, using locker room words, boasted of improper treatment of women, BUT unlike Bill Clinton, who actually acted improperly, he, Trump had never actually done any of the things he said.

In effect, the Donald said that while he 'talked the talk", only Bill Clinton actually "walked the walk".  Those macho white men looking for a "real man" to take over the Presidency, according to Donald, missed the boat in the 90s, when Bill Clinton was in power.  I wonder if Trump will apologize to that large group of his supporters who must be devastated by the news.

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  1. Being a pathological narcissist, Trump will never apologize for any of his words or actions, he will only redistribute the blame. That's the "trickle down effect" to which Republicans often refer.