Sunday, October 16, 2016


Under questioning, about the 2005 Trump tape, by Anderson Cooper, Donald Trump has revealed the fundamental flaw in his character.  By denying that he ever did those things he boasted of, he leaves us with having to decide whether he is a serial sexual predator or a serious serial prevaricator.


  1. Admirable qualities choices, either way ... NOT! My very Republican next-door neighbors told me this morning, "NEVER!" Do you think they're thinking for themselves, not immoral lemmings jumping off the cliff?! Need I add that they have a basic core (not puritanical) of decency?!?! (Wink and a smile!)

  2. Trump has chosen the perplexing position of denying himself. That's a use of an emotional abuse tactic (denial) that I never would have imagined Trump employing ... until now. Should we now expect him to unleash abusive tweets against himself at 3 a.m.?