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Women And The Future: Survival When Referees Teke Sides

by daedal2207
Recent work with the skeletal remains of an archaic species Homo Nalidi,as reported by Carolyn Von Sickle Visiting Asst.Professor of Anthropology at Bryn Mawr,in the Nov-Dec 2016 issue of American Scientist,indicate a complex relationship between nutrition,social cooperation and the shape of the hominid pelvis.Apparently archaic traits and more modern traits are often intermixed in the hominid story.As best as I can understand,lacking knowledge in paleoanthropology,the bowl-shaped pelvis of the female hominid including homo sapiens(us) is needed to allow passage of a big brained fetus through the birth canal.The posture and ground covering capability associated seem linked more firmly than to predation and hunting.Paleoanthropology seems to suggest that the salience of homo depended on female pelvic adaptation.
In the same issue American Scientist Susan C.Alberts,Robert F Durden Professor of Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology at Duke U. Discusses the survival of wild infant baboons in the Amboselli basin of Southern Kenya.In this environment there is some possibility of survival for orphaned infants.S he points out that the availability of a lactating surrogate with enough milk for her own offspring as well as the orphan is unlikely and seems to require the assistance of a protective male.This complicated by the use of lower status males to use infants to deflect the hostility of other,often higher ranking males.This use adds to infant mortality and removes the protective behavior from confusion with human altruism.Again my apologies for ignorance about ethology and evolutionary anthropology!,but it appears that the survival of the most marginal and weakest members of baboon society is dependent on the females.(Sometimes resulting in their injury or death)
Switching(not pivoting)to the affairs of men and my presumption that Homo Sapiens is engaged in a struggle for survival against overpopulation,global warming,terrorism,and nuclear extinction.On this blog it has been suggested that female leadership may be the key to our survival on the planet.If models of governance ,reflecting national character,are competing to define the future.There appears to be little question that capitalism is the best way to make a bigger pie;within what framework is the competition issue.our bid is constitutional democracy.It is the opinion of most of our contributors that Hillary is our best bet to carry us forward.It is ironic but far from accidental that the abusive conduct of three men vis-a-vis women are bedevilling her candidacy.Those three are her opponent a self-confessed serial abuser,her husband,a charming philanderer,and a disgraced former representative an admitted exhibitionist and pedophile.
The release of information ( first to republicans) that examination of the email issue would be resumed on the basis of a computer shared by a top aide with her husband(Wiener)10 days before the election,and under scrutiny for his perverse content and incidentally to contain some emails sent to her server,is the reification of innuendo and surmise cannot be defended.A full disclosure of what is in FBI possession and what has been done with it is essential to Hillary and the rest of us.In the meantime the most vociferous of the innuendo accusers turn out to be men who have conducted themselves in less than chivalrous fashion with multiple ex wives two of whom were plagued with terminal illnesses.(Gingrich,Giuliani.)

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  1. We've been treated to the rabid,fear filled nature of the Trump followership with the cry of "Gun" and the hurrying away of our hero&The attack on a CNN " fair and balanced cameraman destroying his camera and inducing fear and imbalance ,followed by shouts of they won't stop us"