Monday, October 31, 2016


The "unprecedented and unheard of" actions of FBI Director Comey, in what many believe to be partisan interference in an election, is not really without precedence in a previous case.  When Mr. Comey announced that the FBI had found no grounds on which to proceed legally against Hillary Clinton, he interjected a partisan opinion that Clinton had been "careless", in the handling of supposedly classified materials.

Despite the lack of a legal definition of "careless handling" and the absence of a law making it a crime or misdemeanor, by gratuitously offering his opinion, he was engaging in partisan politics.  In effect, he was throwing out a piece of raw meat, to compensate for his inability to do the bidding, to "lock her up", of his party's base.

In my opinion, the second incident, shows a pattern of behavior that disqualifies Comey as a free, impartial and independent Director and, therefore, really should resign his post. 


  1. Agree. Who's running the show there? Is it he or his underlings? A mediocre hack!

  2. The DOJ oversees the FBI, so it's their responsibility to censure or remove him from his current position. The DOJ has had many failings through the years, e.g. Wall Street prosecutions. This is a practice that needs to end. Neither agency is intended to be political in nature, though obviously, that's not the case.