Thursday, October 27, 2016


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Serial Offender or Serially Lied About

by daedal2207
One doesn't need a degree in medicine or psychology to decide about the Trumpeter.He is condemned by his own words.Even a superficial reading of De Sade identifies the fascination with nubile feminine charms and the accompanying disgust and punitive rage when the call of nature has to be obeyed by the lust objects in De Sade's garden.Trump was "disgusted "by Hilary's ablutions and "not impressed" when she walked in front of him.His own wife identifies his talk as boy talk at an adolescent level.His problem is that he can't control the behavior.The puerile threat to sue the women who are pouring forth with accusations may be the equivalent of Sade's imprecations and abuse. Misogyny may be at an all time high as well as bigotry and hate crime.Assange's leaks about the deleted messsages can't compare despite the party rrhetoric
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  1. Narcissistic self fascination coupled with defensive projected self loathing seems to fuel the misogyny of Trump and his " leakers".It's intensive enough to spread to other hatreds.(Race,Religion,LBGTE and on.)