Saturday, October 8, 2016


Nothing demonstrates the liberal bias of the press as much as as the current situation where the press chooses to highlight a twelve year old incident, that has just come to light, about the Republican Presidential candidate, instead of concentrating on, previously well publicized, 20 year old events that occurred in the life of the spouse of the present Democratic candidate.

The seriousness of the problem is further aggravated by the seeming  reluctance, of the press, to accept the fact that the 20 year old events exculpate those of the twelve year old event.  How biased can you get? 

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  1. The issue at hand is one of collective guilt. Just as Trump wants to kill the families (including the children) of terrorists, thus assigning guilt to the innocent, he is trying to assign guilt to Hillary for the indiscretions of her husband, thereby moving the goal posts and shifting blame to Hillary to distract from Trump's own abusive tendencies towards women. This is a common emotional abuse tactic used by Trump.