Saturday, October 31, 2015


Aware of the big money involved in their debates, and the fact that their fellow Republicans are capable of grilling a Democrat for eleven straight hours, on television, the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, fearful of being treated like Democrats, appear to have gotten together to change their working conditions.  They have already won a reduction in debate hours and now are working on easing the type of questions  to which  they are expected to respond.  No longer do they wish to be questioned by networks which have a  Liberal bias, such as Fox News. Indeed, as quoting their statements, on a verbatim basis, likewise demonstrates a Liberal bias, they want only an edited transcript of the proceedings to be released to the Press.  The audience, too, should consist only of the members of the candidates families.  Then, and only then, will they have an unbiased debate.

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  1. People should realize by now that the debates are solely for propaganda purposes. Most of our electorate votes based on who they don't want rather than who they do. Even FDR realized that we don't elect our leaders, but rather they are selected for us.

    If we were actually a democracy, wouldn't the person that the majority of voters want be the one elected?

    “Presidents are selected, not elected.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt