Sunday, November 1, 2015


It is aptly appropriate that one of the most undemocratic processes, in the governance of the country, bears the name of a confessed felon and sex offender.  The Hastert Rule, whereby Republicans, when they control the House of Representatives, will not allow a bill to reach the floor, for a vote by all of the representatives of the People, unless it first has a majority of the Republicans, in favor. In that way a minority holds sway over a majority although no provision exists in the Constitution for same.

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  1. Actually, our constitution and its amendments are designed to protect the minorities from the majority, though not to grant them power over the majority. In that sense the Hastert Rule does conflict with the constitution. Our courts are designed to reflect an unbiased interpretation of laws ... they have failed miserably in that respect. Money and political powers do influence the courts.

    Also, due to those same monetary and political influences, congress does not reflect the will of the people, rather those of special interests. The more moneyed interests are allowed to influence our courts and our representatives, the more corrupt our system will become.

    America is exceptional ... just not in the ways we would want.