Saturday, November 14, 2015


Displaying their simplistic tendencies, bordering on being simpletons, the Republican candidates for the Presidential nomination, say that if the French had open carry laws, they would have avoided a  terror attack.  All of the terrorists wore suicide vests which they would have detonated had they run into resistance.  But even if that were not the case, consider the situation where a fire fight breaks out between the gun carrying public and the terrorists, will the French equivalent of a SWAT team enter an area where they don't know who is shooting whom?   How do they decide who to shoot at?   I think it might be wiser for our intrepid Republican candidates to go back to the drawing board to tweak their advice.

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  1. All good and valid points on your part, Herb. As for the GOP presidential candidates, they are known for forgetting to engage their brains before putting their mouths in gear. I could hear the gears grinding as their brains ground to a halt.

    And the Republicans' gun policy isn't working out very well in America either. More than 2,000 suspected terrorists on the FBI watchlist had no trouble buying firearms in America:

    Ironic that Republicans are afraid of refugees (half are children) coming into America because of fear that they might be terrorists, all while suspected terrorists already in America and on the FBI watchlist are busy buying guns due to lax gun laws in GOP presidential candidates' states (Cruz in Texas, Rubio in Florida, for instance).