Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Reports of a flurry of diplomatic initiatives, by Israel, with China and Saudi Arabia, might be judged in context of recent events:

1. Mr. Netanyahu had dealings, directly, with John Boehner and the Republicans in the House of Representatives, by-passing the President of the United States, an unprecedented breach of protocol and an insult, even if unintended.  Mr. Obama never gets mad, but he does get even.

2. Since Bibi's speech to Congress, the treaty, which he was trying to stop, has gone through, Mr. Boehner has resigned, the Republic Party, on which Bibi relied to change U.S. foreign policy, is in complete disarray.

3. At the recent U.N. General Assembly, Mr. Netanyahu, in an attempt, possibly, to mend fences, gave a fawning,  obsequious speech extolling President Obama, and I suspect he will bring his knee pads to his next meeting with the President.

4. In the interim, Obama made no effort to stop Russia from becoming a player in a country sharing a border with Israel.

I do believe that there is much consternation within the Israeli Government that serious damage has been done and failing a resignation of Mr. Netanyahu, they may not have the complete backing of this administration, or another Democratic one.    


  1. Oh If only your last point could come true. I agree that he has clearly made horrible strategic decisions on top of his refusal to engage in any sort of meaningful peace negotiations. However I'm concerned the punishment may not fit the crime as far as the Israeli's are concerned. Unfortunately I have seen a pattern where the general Israeli population is taking a gradual shift right of center. I would like nothing more than to see Netanyahu removed from power, forcibly or otherwise.

  2. The almost "infitada" with knifings are almost guaranteed to shift the Israelis to the right. The change in administration will have to come from within. With the Russians operating so close to Israel's borders, they know how important the U.S. is to them. I think that Bibi thinks that mere words are going to sway Obama but I think he, Obama, knows how meaninglessly Netanyahu uses words. After all, the Palestinian unrest stems from Netanyahu's words during the last election where he told right wingers that he would never approve a 2 state solution.

  3. Simple comments: You Reap What You Sow; You've Made Your Bed, Now Lie In It