Monday, October 5, 2015


Republicans praise Vladamir Putin for his manliness, as proven by his beefcake photos, and, recently, as a fine chess player, as proven by his moves on the international stage.

People who know chess know better.  His moves in the Ukraine qualify him as a "patzer", the lowliest designation for a chess player.  Prior to fomenting a separatist movement, Putin, with a large Russian speaking population within Ukranian borders, was a major player in Ukranian politics, as proven by the fact that he had a most sympathetic compadre in the office of President of the Ukraine until he was ousted from power for corruption.  Putin's reaction to retaliate by force was a blunder no good chess player would have ever made.  He sacrificed his Queen for a handful of pawns.  Sure he has a little more territory and  some more mouths to feed but he lost his strong position in Ukrainian politics in the exchange.

In any event, I, personally, do believe that playing a linear game like chess does not convey any special ability in a decidedly non-linear world.  Better to teach your kids Chaos Theory.


  1. *US busy exchanging pawns for drones* Hawks in congress: "We'll show you the "Butterfly Effect" (Chaos Theory) with our new drone technologies ... first, surveillance with our high altitude RQ-180s, then strike capability with our new SR-72s (the Russians think they won't be ready until 2030) flying 6 times the speed of sound ... they won't know what hit them!"

  2. The chess that Putin is playing isn't linear chess.It is symbolic,three-dimensional and has no identifiable limit on wasted resources.He has learned from the bankrupting of the USSR during the cold war and their Afghan excursion and has excellent cover for stretching our physical and psychological resources.No one can doubt that cold steel would follow should his charismatic hold on the Russian people seriously slip.I like the word patzker though.It fits 15 or so republican presidential candidates!

  3. Putin stinks at any kind of chess. When it comes to involvement in foreign adventures, Russians, in general, never learn and keep repeating the same mistakes hoping for a different outcome. Putin is now bogged down in the Ukraine where he's involved in a war of attrition and now to top it off he gets involved in a three sided civil war. Excellent strategy!