Monday, February 20, 2017


The Donald Trump that proudly announces that he will not, prematurely, reveal his strategy for defeating ISIS, is the same Donald Trump who has declared that the United States is wrong for not having taken Iraq's oil resources after it invaded Iraq in 2002. His declaration, of course, was made while our Armed Forces were fighting alongside Iraqi Forces against ISIS.  I'm sure Trump sees no connection between revealing long term strategy, which he approves, and short term strategy of which he disapproves.  

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  1. Trump's only strategies that have been given much thought are those involving his business ties, and even there he is lacking in correct thinking. Members of Trump's cabinet are also more inclined to consider their own interests over those of our country. Where leaks and mistakes are made is when those competing interests either diverge or converge. Where perceived power struggles are going on within Trump's cabinet is where those competing interests butt heads. Let me give you an example of their resultant flawed logic:

    The Trump administration claims that their immigration ban is against terrorists and not Muslims. Were I to accept that logic, how can one explain why the Trump administration is able to separate Christians from the KKK, but not Muslims from ISIS? Their logic is flawed.