Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Trump asked for the resignation of General Flynn, he says, because of his erosion of trust in the General.  Since he, Trump, withheld the news, imparted by the Acting Attorney General, about Flynn's calls, to the Russian Embassy, from Vice President Pence for eleven days, it undoubtedly signaled that Trump's trust in Pence had either eroded as well or never existed.   Will he be asked to resign as well?  If so, he would be well advised to appoint Barack Obama, in place of Pence, to run things for him.

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  1. Trump realized that he could no longer rebuke the media to influence investigations into Flynn's case, which ultimately tied into his own roles in the process. Asking Flynn to resign (firing him) was Trump's basic survival instinct in play.

    Trump has a veritable swamp full of corporate leeches and snakes to fill the void ... time is money.