Wednesday, February 15, 2017


The Age of Doublethink, as predicted by George Orwell, has indeed arrived.  On Tuesday, February 12th, we were asked to believe that Trump fired his national security advisor, Michael Flynn,  owing to an erosion of trust stemming from a lie to V.P. Pence.  The following day, citizens were told to believe that Flynn was an exemplary person who was tragically forced out of office by a malevolent press that specialized in fake news.  There was no attempt to rectify the difference between the two stories; we citizens were expected to believe in both of the mutually conflicting stories, at the same time, without apologies. 

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  1. Corporate government rule is based on the principles of collusion and corruption. To address Trump's lies:

    "When a politician lies to us, he's telling us that we are not worth the truth."

    "There's something wrong with your character when opportunity controls your loyalty."

    Trump possesses zero empathy for our citizens ... also, zero compassion for all but the wealthy.