Wednesday, December 30, 2015


It has been said that an infinite number of monkeys, pounding away at the keyboards of an infinite number of word processors, will eventually produce the Complete Works of Shakespeare.  In a similar manner, if one culls through the mountain of gibberish that Donald Trump has produced, there may be found a philosophical gem of inordinate import.

One such gem may prove to be a blow for male liberation that could resound through the ages.  By attacking Hillary Clinton for the infidelities of her husband, Bill, Trump may have not only hit upon a sure fire thing to garner the male vote, but to exculpate  all of man-kind; it was the woman's fault!

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  1. That's actually a common tactic employed by abusers; it's called gas-lighting. It's a form of victim blaming. Republicans often use that defense when persecuting others, i.e. Blacks, LGBT, Muslims, immigrants, women, the poor, and many other groups as well. Since the right wing is rapidly shifting ever-closer to Fascism, it's normal for them to rely on such tactics of bigotry and persecution of their victims.