Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I once audited a class in law where the professor made the point that "No one has the right to do wrong".  That was more than half a century ago, in another time, when privilege was not a matter of law.

A white police officer pulls up at a scene where a black child is holding a toy gun and within seconds of arrival shoots and kills the boy without exchanging a single word.  The Prosecuting Attorney, acting as if he were the Defense Attorney for the police officer calls it a "tragedy but not a crime."  I think a better description would have been: "An execution, without benefit of trial, but not a crime."

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  1. I agree completely. The officers drove their car into the playground and quickly stopped within feet of the boy. Of course he turned to see what was up. What would anyone else do? If they had observed from any distance, they would have noticed that none of the other children on the playground seemed in any way threatened by him. Instead, they confronted and shot him when he turned to see what was up ... all within two seconds of arriving on the scene. That was not self defense, that was an execution.